Community makes Alpena a great place to live

I feel so fortunate to live in a community that has so much to offer and the commitment by so many people to make great things happen. Congratulations to the Chamber Staff, CVB, DDA and others involved in bringing the HOG rally to Alpena. It was fun seeing all of the activity in the community and the economic impact I am sure is staggering. Congratulations to them also for bringing the tour ship into Alpena. I was volunteering at the Sanctuary when the guests arrive. They were amazed by the reception they received at the dock and what Alpena has to offer. Their only complaint was that they didn’t have enough time here. The Fourth of July fireworks were again amazing, congratulations to not only the chamber staff but the community who rose to provide the financial support to make the event possible. The Long Lake fireworks had some issues (putting it mildly) but that was not a reflection on the hard work the committee put forth to make the whole weekend a great event-great job. The Brown Trout just wrapped up and was another great success and again that would not have happened with out a lot of very hard work by a lot of people-Congratulations. In spite of some very tough economic times and high gas prices, this community just keeps getting better, and its because of the people who live here. What a great place to live. Congratulations.

Bob Krafft