We don’t need any more used car businesses

A few days ago while taking care of some business at the Chisholm St. H.P.C. Credit Union I happened to glance across the street and noticed the big “for sale” sign on the old Chisholm St. Big Boy restaurant. Oh, such happy memories of some of the great meals and fine service I enjoyed there over many, many years almost made me weep when I think back of the joy we lost when it closed. My fervent prayer is that someone will re-open it as a restaurant. It makes me shudder with disgust when I think that it could possibly turn into another used car lot (which we really don’t need cluttering up our town any further).

I almost cancelled my subscription to the Alpena News because it’s now all cluttered with used car ads. We sure, in my opinion, do not need any more used car lots in this beautiful small “up north” town.

Please people, let’s put a stop to any more used car lots. The town is beginning to look a lot like Livernoise Street in Detroit years ago. Livernoise ran from the north border of Detroit about eight miles south almost to the Detroit River and both sides of the street was lined with used car lots, one right next to the other.

Ray Geary