RC asking for public input on master plan

ROGERS CITY – As Rogers City works to update its master plan, it’s seeking public input through an online survey.

Toby Kuznicki, Rogers City zoning and planning administrator, said he hopes city residents and property owners will take the time to answer the 60-question survey. By doing so, they’ll be helping to define the city’s goals and priorities over the next 10 years. He’s received a strong response so far, with 105 taking the survey, and there are ways for people without computers to pitch in. The survey will end on Sept. 18.

“Anyone who hasn’t put their public input in is more than welcome,” he said.

This survey, located at www.surveymonkey.com/s/zqgbks8, is the first time Rogers City has sought online input for its master plan, Kuznicki said. For the 2006 master plan, 30 participants showed up at a public input session. By providing an online option this time, the city is getting a much larger response.

“That doesn’t mean that they gave input (in 2006), that just means that they were there,” he said. “This is by far the best public input that we’ve had for a master plan.”

With a range of questions, the survey starts out by asking what kind of property interest the respondent has in Rogers City. From there, it covers topics as wide as quality of life, to services provided by the city government. Those taking the survey are asked to rank how much of a problem they believe certain issues to be, like air quality, road conditions, crime and availability of senior and medical services.

Others ask respondents to weigh in on whether certain city services should be dropped or expanded, and whether enough housing is available. The final three questions allow the public to write in their answers, including one asking for any additional comments.

“This is about what do citizens want city resources to go towards, what are their goals, what do they want to see as a city,” Kuznicki said.

For those who don’t have a computer or the Internet, the Presque Isle District Library will let anyone use its computers to take the survey, Kuznicki said. No library card is needed as long as library employees know the computers are being used to answer the survey. Anyone still needing assistance can call city hall at 734-2191 to set up an appointment.

Kuznicki has been working with the Northeast Michigan Council of Governments to update the city’s master plan, and the process is going well, he said. It’s been a long process, but the first two chapters are ready for approval at the next planning commission meeting. He expects to have the plan finished by the first part of 2014.

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