Meijer submits plans for over 192,000 square foot store

ALPENA – Alpena Township Supervisor Marie Twite confirmed Tuesday that Meijer has submitted site plans to Alpena Township for a 20.34 acre store and parking lot, including a gas station and convenience store. The plans for the store include a 192,940 square foot building with a 21,240 square foot garden center attached.

“The plans show a gas station in front of the store on the M-32 side, and the store toward the back of the 20 acres,” Twite said. “There is an entrance on M-32 across from where the current Walmart entrance is, and an additional entrance behind Walgreens. Alpena township is looking at other roadways to alleviate any misnomers about traffic congestion in the area.”

Twite said officials discussed an additional entrance to the back of the store, but with the proposed plans, that area would be primarily used for truck transport and a water detention area.

“Putting traffic into that truck traffic would not be a good move,” Twite said. “They have programmed lane proposals for the two entrances. I don’t anticipate any problems with the plan, but our building inspector (Les Klimaszewski) is looking over the plans.”

Klimaszewski has been spreading out the plans and carefully reviewing them for any discrepancies or changes that may have to be suggested.

“They’ve been working on it for a while,” Klimaszewski said. “As long as they get approval from the planning and zoning committee, they should be good to go.”

The 13 table-sized pages of plans include pages with layouts of property elevation, water and sewer plans, parking spaces, the interior layout of the main building, sign sizes, storm sewers and detention ponds and the placement of the main building, garden center and the gas station/convenience store.

If the planning and zoning committee approves the plans at its Sept. 9 meeting, the next step for Meijer would be to accept or ratify any changes that may be needed, based on the review, and submit building plans to the township for approval.

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