Is Leonard Pitts concerned with other race issues?

So, Leonard Pitts and Barak Obama could have been or are Trayvon Martin. In other words, when a neighbor hood watchman would have approached them they would have smashed him in the face with their fists, knocked him down, and bashed his head against a concrete slab. Leonard is really concerned about the Zimmerman/Martin situation. One wonders if he is as concerned about the little white girl and her mother who were approached by two so-called African Americans (hereafter AA) who asked for money. And when they didn’t have any, the two then shot and killed the little girl and her mother.

Is Leonard at all concerned about the twelve AA who were shot by AA a few weekends ago in Chicago? Or what about the fifty or so AA who were gunned down there in one weekend by other AA? One doesn’t hear a peep about any of that from Leonard Pitts or any other AA racists and race baiters such as Jesse Jackson; Al Sharpton, the convicted slanderer; Barak Obama; some of the other AA clergy; and some of their liberal cohorts. Are we tired yet of these racist and race baiting individuals and their liberal white allies, who urge them on?

They never remind us that it was white Republican Congressmen who had to battle the Democrats to get civil rights legislation passed back in the sixties. It seems that the NAACP types and other AA along with their white liberal counterparts are out to get the white Americans even though they are the ones who have obtained so many rights and benefits for AA.

Earl W. Elowsky