Russia and China are not our friends, allies

I’m writing this letter wondering how can people still run around with Obama stickers on their cars?

People can’t you open your eyes to see what Obama is doing to our country? He is now wanting to put even more regulations on coal. Oh boy! Watch your electric bills go up. Plus 10’s of thousands of more jobs will be lost.

Obama thinks Russia is such a good friend. He asked to have Snowden extradited back to the U.S. What did Russia say? NO. What a friend. China isn’t a friend either. They wouldn’t extradite him either. Now let’s see, with two such good friends, Obama says now let’s get rid of all our nukes. Yes, yes, what a good idea. We’re cutting our nukes and Russia and China are building theirs up. That doesn’t sound good.

We’re cutting our military, Russia and China are building theirs up. They are not our friends. What’s wrong with this picture? Myself, I think we’re in big trouble. Look at the IRS. If you or I did what they’re doing, we would be in jail. All we would have to say is I don’t remember or I stand on the fifth.

Obama could step in and fire a few people for not answering Congress. Then again, he won’t, because they are his buddies.

You still don’t think we’re in trouble? What does it take to open your eyes?

I’m afraid when you do open them, we won’t be able to turn it around. It’s almost too late now.

Before it can’t be turned around, do something. Don’t just sit doing nothing. Call your Congress person and Senators. Tell them to vote for what’s good for the USA, not for what’s destroying our country. God Bless America,

Rose Raible