Clarifying remarks about Onaway meeting

In the article, ‘Emotions take over Onaway meeting’, there were several untrue remarks that seemingly read as facts. Judy Shaloy was quoted in the article as saying, ” ‘I stood up and told him if my husband were here, he’d come across that table and deck you.” ‘. I recall hearing it differently. Shaloy continued to be quoted “No, absolutely not, never.” when asked if she ever threatened anyone directly or otherwise. However, there was an exact quote written by another local paper who had a reporter in the audience, and it goes, “If that man told me to shut up in front of my husband he’d be dead.” Well, I too was there and she did use those words.

I would like to also submit to the readers as I watched the DVD in slow motion I perceived James Gibson to be acting in a threatening manner when approaching the city council members at the table telling Mr. Schmeltzer that he owed his wife an apology. Gibson approached the table and said, “Look at me Bernie.” You can actually see the council members back away from the table and this is when the meeting was adjourned briefly and law enforcement was called.

The audience was making rude comments and using foul language the ENTIRE meeting.

Connie Gibson was quoted in the article as saying, “I am the only one that was talking here Really? Everybody else sat here and talked and he just narrows it in on me.” She is correct, their group did sit there and talk (out of turn). One last comment, if you were truly “Citizens for a Safer Community”, you would put effort into making Onaway safer. Your group has not done ONE thing to bring about any vigilance whatsoever.

Katie Bautista