ACC supports students, staff serving in military

ALPENA Alpena Community College Board of Trustees passed a resolution expressing the board’s gratitude to citizens with current and former military service, its continued hospitality for those veterans pursuing certificates and degrees at ACC, and support of the Guard and Reserve staff members at its meeting Thursday.

“It expresses our full support to any member of the ACC faculty or staff who would depart for a term in order to perform military service such as national guard or reserve service for active duty,” ACC President Dr. Olin Joynton said. “It’s our way of valuing their service and respecting them for what they do on behalf of all of the citizens. The specific provisions of the law require us to hold that person’s job for five or, in some cases, six years, and to advance the person’s seniority as if the leave had not occurred, and then to provide any training that the person might have missed while away on military duty. These are all things we want to do anyway, and we have a law to obey here as well, which we do so joyfully and gratefully.”

District 106 Rep. Peter Pettalia attended the board meeting to show his support for the veterans resolution and to congratulate the college on its veteran friendly campus.

“It was easy in the debate on the house floor to push this forward,” Pettalia said. “I think it’s a great thing to do. Anything we can do to honor our veterans; they do a wonderful thing for us. Whatever we can do on the homefront to honor them and protect them and help them back into the job market, I think is a great thing.”

Alpena’s Combat Readiness Training Center Commander Bryan Teff was also at the meeting to support the resolution and commend the board for making education and job opportunities readily available to veterans.

“It’s extremely important that we have that kind of community support from businesses and educational institutions such as ACC because it is important to our mission success,” Teff said. “I really appreciate and I definitely fully support this resolution.”

Dr. John MacMaster, physician at the Alpena VA Outpatient Clinic, addressed the board concerning the care veterans receive and how important community support is to veterans of all ages.

“What I’ve really seen from these men and women is they value having a place to go to take the skills and wisdom they’ve gained from the military service, and then gain the skills that are necessary to re-enter the workforce,” MacMaster said. “That’s where the community college really has been a very important part of their lives.”

Joynton and board chairman John Briggs signed the resolution during the board meeting and thanked the speakers for their time and services.

In other business:

the board accepted a bid of $153,010 from Applied Technology Systems for an alternative energy and smart grid technology learning system for the new Electrical Power Technology Center and will be using grant money for the purchase

net income through the first month of the fiscal year amounts to a gain of $1,637,303, based on fall tuition receipts building up, which is typical for this time of the fiscal year

gifts and pledges totaled $378,388 between June 13 and Aug. 7

the next regular board meeting will be on Sept. 19 at 7 p.m. in the Roger C. Bauer board room

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