Conservatives need to get out the word

Here is the current argument: The GOP has supposedly maxed out the white conservative vote – Romney won more whites than any Republican candidate since 1988. Consequently there is a lot of talk about the GOP not being able to win because they cannot get the Hispanic vote. (By the way only about 10 percent of all voters are Hispanic, 70 percent are white) The facts are just not there to support the idea that minorities are the key.

These numbers are not exact but just follow this:

  • Total number of Americans eligible to vote is 206 million
  • Total number registered to vote is 146 million (imagine that 60 million Americans who could vote are not registered)
  • Numbers provided by various polls show about 90 million who could vote in 2012 did not. We also know 41 percent of Americans call themselves conservative. Assuming the majority of those are of the GOP persuasion then this shows that somewhere north of 30 million conservatives did not vote.

The real GOP work is not in getting minorities, who are generally opposed to the GOP, to vote but in getting conservatives off the couch and getting those 60 million who are not registered to realize they are a major American problem.

The fault lies with all Americans who have available to them the privilege to vote and choose to stay home. No. 1 reason given for not having signed up is they are too busy. Too busy to pay attention to what is happening to their country?

Victory in 2014 can only happen through a uniting of all conservatives. But conservatives have to start campaigning in our neighborhoods – now. Not six weeks before an election, now. An immediate grassroots effort must be launched in every neighborhood.

We-the-people will be knocking on every door.

Bob Lamb