There was bias in words that were chosen

Regarding Mr. Robert Colarusso letter. It makes for some interesting subject matter when it comes to opinions, seems everyone has one. No matter how you spin the Zimmerman/Martin case. It was a tragedy for both men involved. It left families devastated and the nation as a whole divided.

More division is truly what’s not needed in these turbulent times. But, I have to ask you Robert, when you stated, “that many misguided columnists went overtime to paint a picture that Martin was just a poor little colored boy.” Realizing you have no understanding how derogatory those words, “poor little colored boy,” resonates with many Americans.

I would like to offer my forgiveness to your word choices. We in America prefer not to use the words, “poor little colored boy” and I challenge you to prove you heard that stated by the media in those words. I understand your point in your article you wrote, but in the future please think carefully before you start labeling people of any race.

Finally, at the end of your letter you say, “If people can’t see the bias in the entire media today they never will.” I have to ask you if that same bias is in the media today, how is it that you can’t see your own misguided bias. God bless you and God bless America.

Cal Howard