Laura crew wins shortened Alpena regetta

The Alpena Youth Sailing Team hosted its fifth annual regatta on Friday, and shifting winds proved tricky for the four participating boat crews.

Only four of a planned seven races were completed as threatening storm clouds brought the regatta to an early conclusion.

The crew of Laura took first place, with three first place finishes and one third place finish. Aaron Diamond and Clay Jacobs shared helmsman duties while Evan Thayer worked the foredeck.

Two boats tied for second place; Erin Wilson, Parker Wedge and Jessica Resnick originally planned to sail Old Fool, but equipment issues forced a last-minute boat change. The crew took out Great White and tied for second place with Seven Up, crewed by Brynna Smith, Hannah Thayer and Ben Diamond.

Rounding out the regatta was Iris Too, with a crew of Lexi Rushing, David Resnick and Emily Thayer.

“I have had great joy and satisfaction working with the boys and girls, ages 12-18, of the Alpena Youth Sailing Team. Watching them mature, handle challenges and work together gives me confidence that all be well with the world when we put them in charge. Alpena should be very proud,” Sailing team coach Mark Upham said.

The sailors celebrated the end of their season with a cook out and awards dinner at the Alpena Yacht Club, but they aren’t done with sailing; they journey to Sakonnet, Rhode Island this weekend to compete in the Yngling North American Championships.

Alpena youth will sail with the Alpena Yngling Fleet in Rhode Island. Ben Diamond and Erin Wilson will sail with Mark Upham aboard 7-UP, Parker Wedge and Clay Jacobs will sail with John McVeety aboard Great White, Jessica Resnick and David Resnick will sail with Gregg Resnick aboard Happy, Emily Thayer and Hannah Thayer will sail with Steve Fletcher aboard Iris Too, and Evan Thayer will sail with Tim Rumbles and Pete Simpson aboard Taboo.

Eric Cornish, Phil Jordan and Lisa Thayer will sail aboard Bones, Ed Kavanaugh, Stephanie Gandulla and Jean Bauer will sail aboard Shenanigan, and Wayne Lewis, Chad Lewis and Tim Wedge will sail Pandora’s Box.