DNR?shouldn’t being killing deer in gardens

This morning July 30, 2013 I got to talk to a DNR officer sent to our neighborhood (farm and residential) to destroy a tiny year old deer.

This deer through the kindness of humans survived after its mother was killed on the road, now it is to lose its life because it went into someone’s garden? What of the 15 other deer in the woods behind my house? If they kill one then why not kill them all? Everyone in the country with a garden would probably appreciate that.

All living in our neighborhood know this is a wild animal and know how to act accordingly. This little deer just stays around as long as she wants (same as the other 15) then goes off to wherever.

It seems strange with the state crying hard times and money problems every day that they could send three officers and one biologist (the shooter) to chase one little deer and to waste their time talking in circles. No one can convince me the best thing to do is destroy this animal because it goes near humans. We know enough to be careful.

I’m glad whoever complained of a deer in their garden didn’t realize I let a few raccoons, an opossum, a porcupine and too many to count rabbits winter in my orchard – it would have kept the DNR running all winter to close a wildlife sanctuary.

If you don’t want animals in your garden move to town. There are usually only dogs, cats and other people’s kids to call the law on. Save the state money and time. Leave the animals alone. Some of us enjoy seeing this little deer grazing close enough to take her picture, and thankful there are still people who care to save any life.

Joy A. Bisanz