Columnists don’t see the true story of trial

Where do these out of state columnists get their training and degree from Hollywood or Disneyland? In my entire lifetime I have never seen such misleading biased information on the Zimmerman/Martin case. Zimmerman was doing his job since Martin was acting suspiciously eyeing apartment buildings. Martin became very belligerent and violent when questioned, and attacked Zimmerman almost killing him. The doctor at the trial said, “Zimmerman’s injuries were not life threatening,” however if Zimmerman didn’t shoot him he would have been dead.

After a local thorough police investigation no charges were filed against Zimmerman until political intervention took place. Obama and Holder spent over $5K in taxpayers money to organize demonstrations, and the local police were forced by Washington to charge him with 2nd Degree Murder. Are the courts being run by politicians and mob rule? NBC is being sued by Zimmerman’s attorney for deliberately misleading the public. What ever happened to the law of jury tampering and obstruction of justice?

Many misguided columnists went overtime to paint a picture that Martin was just a poor little colored boy walking home and was murdered by some racist gun happy wannabe cop. Even the NAACP admits Martin’s past has been much outside the law with stolen goods, and burglary tools. His drink of “Skittles” was laced with drugs and the autopsy showed that Martin’s liver showed damage from them.

How come no national outcry last March with Washington involved in the most brutal slaying of a 13 month old baby in New Brunswick, Ga. A robbery by two teenage blacks shot the baby in he face in his crib, then wounded the mother. What about unarmed Mr. Lion murdered in Charleston, S.C. by a black man?

If people can’t see the bias in the entire media today they never will.

Robert Colarusso