Editorial: Alpena County Library a jewel of the community

On Tuesday, Alpena County Board of Commissioners approved putting two millage requests on the November ballot for Alpena County Library following public comment during the board’s meeting. A 10-year renewal of the current 0.75 millage will be requested, as well as an additional five-year increase of 0.25 mill.

“Our library has evolved with the times and the usage of it is amazing. It is shocking how many people use it and depend on it. This facility is so important to our community, so I strongly support the millage and I hope the board does as well,” Steve Wilson told the board.

We agree with Wilson, the library is important to our community and you need not look any further than this summer to see its importance. The library sponsors a summer reading program for children and then rewards them with a carnival. The Friends of the Library think so much of it that they have an annual book sale.

And then there is the story in Friday’s edition of The News.

Two teen boys connected through the library as an Alpena teen, Patrick Heraghty, is helping Omer Baris Kavas from Turkey to learn English. And they have learned about each other and their cultures as well. All made possible because of the library.

The Alpena County Library has a long list of services and thousands of people take advantage of those services. It is a jewel in our community and serves its residents well.