Cutting and entertaining

ROGERS CITY – Take some chainsaw sculpting, axe throwing, log rolling and mix it with some slapstick comedy and you have a Great Lakes Lumberjack Show. The three-man act is one of the more popular attractions during the 2013 Rogers City Nautical Festival and performances will take place through Sunday.

The show kicked off with introductions and some good nature ribbing between the three men and quickly moved on to the sculpting. For each event frontman Kurt Hiser lured the crowd into one gag after another before the demonstrations took place. Hiser said mixing humor with the lumberjack events brings lot of laughs and to keep thing interesting the men also change roles and punch lines. He said some of the jokes that go over best are ones that aren’t scripted and are improvised.

“We change the show around and we will have different lines. It is never the same show, but it is the same show,” Hiser said. “Everything swaps. One time I might win axe throwing the next time he might. We add and delegate the comedy lines we do throw in lines that aren’t scripts and when we do we just sort of wait to see what type of reaction it gets and if it worked. Sometimes it backfires, but sometimes we may use it again.”

Hiser said the show’s home base is in Escanaba, but sidekick Jason Hiser is from Fairview and Jerry Anderson is from Alpena. Hiser said the men have a long history of working in the woods and operating chainsaws, axes and non-powered saws. He said doing shows in Northeast Michigan is special because of its logging history and now the act is received.

“This is our first time in Rogers City and the crowds have been great,” Hiser said. “The people have loved the show. The crowds have been fantastic. We love performing and we love the reaction of the kids the most. Fifteen minutes before showtime there were maybe six people waiting, but when the show begins it has been full. Rogers City has been great.”

Shows today will take place at Lakeside Park in Rogers City. Fridays and are scheduled for 1p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. On Sunday the mayhem continues at 11a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., and 5 p.m.

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