Need some help getting venison for their diet

My name is Ronald E. Easton and as of June 15 I turned 70 years old. Well the reason I’m writing you is about how the law of deer hunting. Me and my wife who is a diabetic and like me is on disability, our doctor agrees we should eat plenty of turkey and chicken and fish and venison. Chicken, fish and turkey you can buy at the store but venison, no way. We used to have a friend who gave us the neck bones and the ribs which my wife would put in a pot with potaters and tomaters, in the pot with celery and the bones to make a great stew. Well our friend died and his family moved down state. I though since I have a full fishing license I would buy a hunting license for deer and find someone who I could give my license to and they could get me adder and we would take the neck bones and rib bones, and maybe one of the rear leg bones. But there I’m told I can’t do that because it is illegal to give someone else your deer tag. My problem is I have a heart condition and I walk with a cane. So please help as we would love to have some venison, maybe someone out there has more deer than they need, we could sure use it.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Easton