Tax revenue problems begin with assessments

I heard on the radio that concessions for teachers was a must due to tax revenues and property values decreasing that is also affecting school debt. The failure of assessors since 1996 to add 50 percent of all new construction on the taxable values is due to the lack of zoning in my township in part. Agriculture is not required to get building permits but are required to get zoning permits which the assessors use to increase their taxable in which the millage rates are applied to school debt. The constitution requires that 50 percent of all new construction be added to the taxable values minus depreciation. This should show on the following year’s property card and the tentative tax value form L-4400 and LF-4400. Doing a treasury tax search this does not seem to happen, yet you might see the assessment go up substantially but the taxable has only gone up by inflation rate. Wellington Township affects three school districts and the current assessor contracted has 10 townships in three counties in Northeast Michigan. See you at the full board of commissioners this month to discuss the Equalization request for budgeting in next year’s budget for updated fly over maps of new buildings that has not happened since 2006.

Paul J. Wolne