Twinkies are back

ALPENA – After an eight-month absence, Twinkies are back. But contrary to national news reports, the cream-filled cakes were available for sale Sunday, not Monday, as everyone had anticipated.

Blame it on Walmart’s buying power. Walmart Shift Manager Amy Lather said a shipment came in from the store’s warehouse in Coldwater and the Twinkies were on display in two areas of the store Sunday.

“They’re good,” she said. “I had them for breakfast.”

When asked how the new Twinkies compare to the old ones, Lather said, “They’re the exactly same thing.”

The Associated Press reports that the new Twinkies are a bit smaller, though. Old Twinkies weighed 42.5 grams and contained 150 calories per cake. The new version weighs 38.5 grams and contains 15 calories less.

According to the AP, Hostess spokeswoman Hannah Arnold said in an email Monday that the size change was made in “mid-2012” by the previous company before it went bankrupt. The longer shelf life of 45 days was also planned by the company.

Twinkies and other snack cakes were eventually purchased by private equity firms Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co. after Hostess closed down in November. The firms, known for fixing up struggling brands, have far lower production costs because workers are not unionized.

At Neiman’s Family Market, Grocery Manager, Sheryl McCoy said Monday was the first day she could be able to order them as open stock from her supplier. They will appear on store shelves later.

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