Political handlers similar to other profession

Politicians frequently put themselves in the hands of their political advisers (consultants) when on the job and rely on campaign consultants when they are trying to get the job. When caught alone, campaigner/office holders, mostly stammer and look for someone to tell them, don’t say that, stick to the speech, read the teleprompter, remember who you are talking to and most important don’t lie. (Or at least don’t tell one that can be used against you). The consultant will tell you which group not to offend, which group will be receptive to your appeal where to spend more money, which polls should be ignored, where to advertise, when to wear a cowboy hat, ride a motorcycle, drive a tractor and when to let em see you in your medical scrubs.

Those of us on the fringes of politics know consultants are really handlers. They handle everything for those aspiring to office and those already there. Employment in this field is exploding. And as this field explodes the integrity of the political process is also exploding. In the background consultant do not have to withstand the heat of being an office holder but can reap benefits from those they handle. Since politicians are not really making decisions they have a layer of anonymity between themselves and We the People.

Ultimately, it should be the politician who is in charge of his or her campaign/office strategy and tactics but it has become extremely difficult for politicians to over-rule their firmly entrenched, frequently wrong consultant/handlers.

Funny thing though: consultants get to keep their pay whether the candidate wins or loses – whether the advice was good or bad, satisfying or not.

The world’s oldest profession shares many characteristics with political consultant and in most places that business is criminalized?

Bob Lamb