There are better options for plaza’s location

I’ve been reading all the letters since this plaza concept was first presented and can’t understand losing convenient parking spaces for a plaza we don’t need. Who’s going to maintain it? The city employees can’t keep up with the work they’ve already got. Is the budget going to allow hiring maintenance help to keep the plaza clean?

I’m part of the greying area, (I’m 70), and like everyone else I try to shop the places I can park near to. I can’t see how this plaza is going to help business downtown by eliminating parking spaces.

While I’m against this plaza, I’m wondering who currently owns the lot bordered by senior citizen apartments, Riverside Framing, and the river bank. Can it be purchased? Apparently he high-rise condos that were intended to be built fell through. This is now an empty lot, but still downtown, and convenient to existent parking lots, and would make a beautiful park/plaza area. Also you have the NOAA sanctuary buildings across the river and the bike/walk path on both sides of the river. Use of this lot would be a gain and improvement of the downtown area, and no loss of parking spaces. Please give this new vision serious consideration. I can see this lot being used as a park/plaza and it’s already an empty lot.

Delmar J. Kieliszewski