Editorial: Numbers backup MSP’s initiative

Everyone seems to love statistics these days, so here are some for you this morning.

  • 20,000 motor vehicles.
  • 1,100 feet of highway.
  • 20 separate business driveways.
  • 157 automobile accidents.

While not highway engineers nor rocket scientists, our common sense tells us those statistics add up to one word – trouble.

Those are the statistics for M-32 between the Bagley Street/M-32 intersection and the stoplight back to Home Depot. Easily, it is the most traveled section of highway in Alpena County on any average day, and from April 2008 through April of this year, produced the 157 accidents.

As a result, Michigan State Police are conducting a little “behavior modification” for motorists in that area. Everything from speeding to improper lane usage has contributed to the accidents there, thus police have stepped up their presence in an effort to modify driving habits through that stretch.

It makes sense. While not the sole answer to correcting the problems there, it is an important beginning point.

“There hasn’t been any fatalities, but there has been lots of drama,” Stephen Conradson, MDOT traffic and safety engineer, said in a news story Thursday.

We agree. Frankly, it is too much drama for such a short section of highway.

Thankfully, it is on the state’s radar and is being watched closely. Efforts are under way to address the problem. For that, we all are appreciative.