Editorial: Good luck Beach, we wish you well

Rogers City Mayor Beach Hall announced last week he won’t be seeking re-election this November.

The decision, while understandable, saddens us. Beach was a comforting “constant” in Rogers City and his wisdom and knowledge is going to be missed not only in that city, but all of Presque Isle County and indeed, all of Northeast Michigan. When it came to municipal government he was a mentor to many, a friend to everyone.

Hall, who will turn 83 this year, decided it was time for new leadership to step forward. He will have served six terms as the community’s mayor. While he personally is in good health, he thought the timing was good now for the transition out of office. However, knowing Hall, he won’t let much grass grow under his feet. We’re rather confident that what this really means is Hall will trade the hours spent at city hall for volunteering efforts elsewhere.

Hall has been a beacon of strong leadership and vision over the years, guiding council through some rough waters and challenging issues. Whether is was helping the community rally together after a terrible downtown fire or dealing with Wolverine Power officials about a possible energy plant, the mayor always provided the proper perspective, vision and encouragement.

Hall wanted to announce his intention early as to allow others time to contemplate running for office.

We wish he and wife Kellie well in yet another new chapter of their lives.