Snowden showed how country is betraying us

Snowden – whistle blower, spy, defector, nyet? – Lost in a Russian airport. Bare hard benches, no snack bars, unpeopled information desks. Hunted. Rejected.

So far, it’s reported, Snowden has not endangered the safety and welfare of his country. Our government’s effort to downplay the effects of his behavior is not laudable; it’s to insure Americans continue to remain unaware that they are being sneakily observed and recorded wherever they are, and that our country spies on its friends.

To concentrate on this individual’s “misconduct” is to divert citizens’ attention, also, from the sins of the rogue corporate world (using private information to sell) – and again not to speak of our own government’s scrutinizing and recording our every move – cell phone calls, location of callers, credit card use, purchases, vacation sites, our whereabouts, medical histories, what we read and watch, etc. Computer companies are coughing up info on us to be put in storage forever for future use – by somebody.

One may consider Snowden a coward and if he loves his country and is so patriotic, he would come back to the U.S. and face up – to many years in prison, if not death. But he has a few admirers. They are among those who are unwilling to sacrifice their Constitutional expectations of liberty and freedoms – for governmental promise of security. What has Snowden given up? A good job, a decent salary, his girlfriend, family, his country, his very reputation.

His life is ruined, and to what end? To let Americans, who already know but care little, to what extent they are being betrayed by their own government in State-corporate collusion.

I think whistle-blowing, if it is that, can be compared to some marriages: the person who runs is not necessarily the one who first abandoned trust.

Elaine Thompson