Gray: Success is not convenient

If I had to boil the secret of success down to one phrase, I would say that “success is not convenient, but leads to a life of convenience.” That one statement can change your mindset, your actions and your future, if you let it. That one statement impacts your relationships, your health and your career.

I have shared my theory on success recently with business leaders, members at the health club and even friends on Facebook. It catches people’s attention.

Let me share it with you. It’s your turn to think, learn and grow.

Success is not convenient, but it leads to a life of convenience. Let’s break that down and apply it to your life.

In marriage or relationships, it’s not always convenient to love when you’re stressed, to bite your tongue at the little things or to listen even when you’re busy. But doing so makes your relationships better,which makes life better.

In parenting, it’s not always convenient to help with a school project, turn off the television, calm a fussy baby, play catch in the yard, hustle to activities, ask questions or make dinner instead of hitting the drive through. But doing so makes your kids healthier, smarter and more driven, which makes life better.

In fitness, it’s not always convenient to get up at 5:30 a.m., skip your lunch hour, workout at night when you’re tired, line up child care, turn off the computer, take a break from housework or budget money for fitness. But doing so makes your mind, your body, your self-confidence, your health, your energy better, which makes life better.

In business, it’s not always convenient to fill in for a co-worker, stay late to finish a project, write out your goal list, work a second job to get ahead, go back for a degree, attend a weekend meeting or late-night call or walk away from workplace gossip. But doing so gives you the edge, the momentum to be more successful in your career, which makes life better.

And the list goes on. The common thread is that you have to be willing to be inconvenienced and to let go of the excuses that comfort you. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but over many nights of consistent effort. You can completely alter your life with small daily changes that cause slight inconveniences but lead to a lifetime of better living.

It is more convenient to have financial freedom, good health and happy relationships. Making those things happen requires daily sacrifice, focus and tough choices. Be the one willing to go the extra degree in life. You will always win.

I had the honor of celebrating success recently in Las Vegas during the Team Beachbody annual convention. I was surrounded by motivated, upbeat people who are choosing to be inconvenienced in order to build a better future for themselves and tackle an epidemic called obesity. I was proud to be a presenter at the convention, to represent our community in fitness and tocome back with more knowledge to contribute here. It was not easy to invest the money, the time away and the brain-power to be there for five days, but I came home with a better life, as did others from our community who attended. It was a short-term inconvenience that will lead to longer-term success.

Likewise, dozens of local residents celebrated success over last weekend in Tough Mudder races and triathlons around the state. These are our local teachers stay-at-home moms, public officials, and others who are striving for greatness in life, starting with themselves. Training for events is not convenient; these brave warriors fought the cold, the heat, the rain, sore bodies, busy calendars and fear to complete a feat of a lifetime. Their pictures and posts on Facebook and the stories they are sharing with friends and family are inspiring others in our community to take a bold step of inconvenience in order to get ahead inlife. For the competitors who completed the races, use this to fuel other parts of your life – you’ve shown the world that you have it in you.

Success is inconvenient but leads to a lifetime of convenience. Embrace it, act on it and share it to change your life.

Trina Gray is the owner of Bay Athletic Club, a mother of two, a national presenter on fitness and wellness and a change agent in the community. Her wellness column appears monthly.