Editorial: Health care act continues to be difficult issue

Michigan lawmakers continue to wrestle with the Affordable Health Care Act Medicaid provision. Gov. Rick Snyder wants to see the Legislature adopt expansion of the coverage, while GOP senators thus far have resisted.

“Healthy Michigan is a good step for our state,” Snyder said. “It will help build healthier families and a stronger Michigan.”

The rare disagreement within the GOP is interesting, but not uncommon. In no way is this an easy issue. And, as evidence by new national poll findings released this week, Michigan is not unique in struggling with aspects of the act.

In Rasmussen polling released Monday, 48 percent of 1,000 people polled said they want their governor to oppose the health care law. This is opposite from January, when 47 percent favored state enactment.

While the Michigan House approved Medicaid expansion, by no means was it unanimous as representatives from both parties crossed party lines in voting for or against the measure.

Proponents argue expansion would cover more state residents and allow Michigan to collect federal reimbursements quicker in “upfront” money. Opponents maintain in the end it will cost the state more money, as nothing ever is free.

Bob Lamb, president of the Alpena County Tea Party, said while Gov. Snyder has promoted the expansion so that federal government will pay for the first few years of enactment, does that really make sense when the federal government has no money other than putting taxpayers further into debt.

Michigan senators will, in all likelihood, vote on this measure before the summer is over.

How they vote, however, is anyone’s guess.

As we’ve seen at every deadline thus far with the Affordable Health Care Act, by no means is there anything associated with it that is simple or easy.