Counties need to get road priorities in order

County road commissions need to get their priorities in order. I have contacted Alpena, Alcona and Presque Isle counties over the past few years about the serious need to keep the shoulders of the roads mowed. To be honest, it’s like getting a form letter from a government official when you listen to them. It’s like you’re bothering them. As of late June hardly any of the shoulders have been touched and the grass is 3 to 5 feet tall. They’ve chlorided roads that maybe see a couple of cars a day. They’ve graded dead end dirt roads that have no homes on them. The road beds got raised on a few dirt roads that are rarely traveled but the grass on the 55 mph roads keeps getting taller and more dangerous. There is absolutely no reaction time for drivers and motorcyclist when a deer or other animals run onto the road. I know of one rider that hit a deer already this year and ended up in the hospital and I’ve seen tons of car parts and carcasses all up and down 23 and 65. It seems that the counties don’t take riders and drivers safety serious. Hopefully people will put more pressure on the counties to do their job before someone’s young son or daughter gets wrapped around a tree dodging an animal. I also think it would help if the state police and the county sheriff made a point of stressing to the counties how dangerous it is. If you think of one of your loved ones being involved in a preventable accident or another family having to maintain a cross on the side of the road maybe something will actually get done.

Randy Zeeman