Who’s really deciding the plaza for Alpena?

With interest, I’ve been reading about the proposed plaza for downtown Alpena as devised by people from Lansing. Supposedly its purpose is to draw patrons to the businesses located along Second and Chisholm Streets. I am wondering if the owners of those businesses were consulted. I would guess not. When plans were presented to the public, were attendees asked for input? I’ve heard not.

Within a couple of blocks from the Second and Chisholm Streets business area, there currently are places where people enjoy gathering: the Farmer’s Market, the courtyard adjacent to the Alpena County Library, Culligan Plaza and the Band Shell at Bay View to name a few.

When I drive by any business, I notice that the parking spaces closest to the entrance fill first, especially during inclement weather. Patrons are looking for convenience. Would changing a city parking lot into a plaza, another gathering place, help those businesses? I would think not.

Do people in Lansing know what would help Alpena’s downtown business district? I would say not.

Dorothy Carnahan