Editorial: Yorktown can visit here anytime

Last week’s visit of the Great Lakes cruise ship “Yorktown” to Alpena generated much interest and goodwill in the community.

After Alpena, the ship was headed to stops at Mackinac Island and Sault Ste. Marie. While here for nearly half a day, tourists on the ship were afforded their choice of visiting the Presque Isle Lighthouses and learning about birds of the region, a tour of the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center or a historical stroll through Alpena with a local narrator.

From interviews, it seemed the tourists enjoyed their stay and local residents enjoyed having them here. That’s great, as the ship will be back in August.

Yorktown Capt. Bryan Hobcroft said in a news story the reception Alpena had waiting for the boat and the passengers made them feel welcome.

“Other cities, especially the larger ones, don’t roll out the red carpet like Alpena has. To them we are just another vessel. I appreciate it, the crew appreciates it and the passengers appreciate it,” Hobcroft said. “When we visit a small town like Alpena each passenger feels more like a person and not a number. Towns like Alpena feel like home. “

Wouldn’t it be nice to see Alpena added as a permanent stop for the ship in the future?