Hilman to donate to county’s EDC

HILLMAN The Hillman Village Council approved a donation of $1,000 to the Montmorency County Economic Development Corporation to support costs to keep the program running. The EDC helps existing businesses and to bring new businesses to the county by offering gap financing to businesses that need assistance.

“We are serious about the economic development of this county,” Village President Myron McIntire said. “The county should be helping fund it.”

At the last county board of commissioners meeting the board decided to give the EDC a loan of $3,500 to be paid back by the end of the year through fundraising.

The council decided to donate the $1,000 out of its urban development action fund to the EDC for future use in bettering the economic development of the county.

“I think that it’s a worthwhile program that we need to keep rolling,” McIntire said. “This will help bring in more business to the community and increase our economic worth.”

Clerk Brenda South agreed with McIntire along with the rest of the council in donating to the EDC.

“They support our businesses,” South said. “If we don’t have business, we don’t have a community. This organization has kept many businesses open over the hard winter months. They are a benefit to us.”

The donation stemmed from a letter sent to the council from the EDC asking for awareness and assistance in fundraising activities to keep the program running.

The council received a donation over the past few weeks from the Montmorency Conservation Department of a semi-trailer for storage. The trailer previously was used by the department as a storage shed for equipment needed in its river restoration project, and since the village was very supportive of the project, the department decided to donate the trailer to the village for use.

The trailer is currently parked next to the Department of Public Works garage and will be used for cold storage for parts and other items not constantly in use.

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