Optimist Mud Bog results

Four wheel drive trucks from all around Northeast Michigan made their way to Optimist Acres at the corner of M-32 and Herron Road last weekend to run their trucks through an obstacle course and two 150-foot long mud bogs.

Featured were a shallow bog for the lighter class trucks and a deeper bog for the super modified 4-wheel drives. The event got under way around 1 p.m. with the obstacle course. There were only two trucks signed up for the obstacle course so they ran the course to test their own skills and let the audience see how it works.

In the Mud Bog there were 35 to 40 trucks entered in seven different classes from stock to super modified. The classes are based on wheel size, clearance and other factors.

The lower classes ran through a shallower mud bog, while the big super modified trucks ran in the deeper pit. If the trucks make it all the way through the pit, they are placed based on time to get through. If they don’t make it all the way through, they are placed based on the distance traveled.

The first, second and third place winners in each class are as follows:

  • Class 2, Super Stock, 33-inch tire, shallow pit: 116.00 feet, Gary Blaski, first place; 110.00 feet, Steve Ayers, second place; 87.75 feet, Mike Pahlkotter, third place.
  • Class 4, Super Stock, 35-inch tire, shallow pit: 125.08 feet, Gary Blaski, first place; 117.50 feet, Marcus Mischloney, second place; 116.33 feet, Bobby Cramer, third place.
  • Class 5, Modified, 35-inch tire, shallow pit: 6.00 sec, Mike Zaske, first place; 10.00 sec, Tom Cramer, second place; 10.60 sec, Gary Blaski, third place
  • Class 6, Modified, 40-inch tire, deep pit: 6.50 sec, Keith Repke, first place; 103.50 feet, Tom Cramer, second place; 89.50 feet, Jake Trelfa, third place
  • Class 7, Modified, 44-inch tire, deep pit: 112.25 feet, Jared Johnston, first place; 106.00 feet, Tom Cramer – second place, 103.15 feet, Steve Kensa, third place
  • Class 8, DOT Open, deep pit: 3.47 sec, Kaleb Edwards, first place; 105.00 feet, Tom Cramer, second place; 103.00 feet, Jared Johnston, third place
  • Class 9, Open, deep pit: 3.91 sec, Jesse Locks, first place; 115.50 feet, Justin Cordes, second place

In what has become an annual part of the Mud Bog, a dash for cash also was held. Four different age groups ran through the Mud Bog on foot to see who could get to the $50 bill waiting at the end of the bog. There were a lot of dirty kids, and adults after, but 4 fast mud dashers were $50 richer.