Going door-to-door spreading the alarm

Prior to the 2008 election I was one of those who ran door-to-door to spread the alarm – The liberals are coming-the liberals are coming. “Our liberty and personal freedom are at stake if the liberals win”. I shouted for everyone to hear.

Well liberals won, I was right, liberty and freedom are being attacked.

But I know the real soul of America is the loyal opposition; I became one of them.

Then in 2010 Joe the Plumber visited Alpena, there was chaos in Washington and the loyal opposition was able to take heart in the fact that big conservative gains were realized. Doors of opportunity were opened-wide. But those hard won gains proved to be of little value to woefully inept politically loyal opposition. No sensible loyal opposition plan emerged and to date nothing has been done to slow down freedom and liberty’s demise.

In 2012 the unthinkable happened. Re-election! The liberal train stayed on track because millions of conservative voters just plain neglected to vote.

Our loyal opposition’s emblem is a circular firing squad. Today’s circular firing squad of Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Carl Rove, Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck, and Rance Priebus (who) are still pointing at each other but without a commander have to draw blood. Surely 2014 will see Tea Partiers brandishing their fearsome tea bags, libertarian’s will find ways to hinder but not harm and the GOP elephant will be trumpeting the message that they are the only authentic, genuine conservative voice of America.

Who can We the People blame for this sorry situation? Only ourselves.

Bob Lamb