Fire departments have a club and we can’t join

Tonight there was a ambulance for the East Grand Lake Fire Department. Alpena County Central Dispatched (or tone out pre sop’s). NO Members from the East Grand Fire Department answer the call by radio into central dispatch.

Again I come to the Township asking for control over this issue. This is unexcusiable action of the fire administration and each member on the department. Tax payers PAY for services of the fire department has to offer, and this happens and No shows up for the call. The township doesn’t do something about I will go to the State of Michigan and let them know about this. It’s about time we change this social club fire department. The citizens Paid for services are not getting there money worth. Members need to be responiable in maintaining a level of response to emergency calls.

Central Dispatch dispatched the City of Alpena Fire Department and Not Presque Isle Fire Department to respond to a priority 1 call in which is the highest call in the ems system and it has to do Life threating emergencies.

Why Alpena County Central Dispatch did not dispatch the next closest fire department to this emergency is unexcusable and this should to taken care of by you the Township and Alpena Medical Control.

I ask that the Township have a Fire Board and set the sop’s of the fire departments. The Fire chief is the responsible for the operations of the department and the township board should have appear at the meeting and explain why the fire Department did not respond to this call.

R.J. Page

Presque Isle