Montmorency approves EDC loan

ATLANTA Montmorency County Board of Commissioners approved a request for $3,500 to help keep the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) running, but the money is a loan from the county and will need to be paid back. There was a motion made to fund the $3,500 to the EDC, but it failed to pass, leaving minimal options for the program to keep going except loaning the money to the EDC.

EDC board member Bonnie Page was present at the meeting and urged the commissioners to help with funding.

“I appreciate the struggle the county has with funds,” Page said. “If you do not support this you aren’t supporting the economic development of Montmorency County.”

Page also said if the board were to only approve $1,800 to the EDC it would be “just embarrassing.”

The motion to loan $3,500 passed 3-1 with board chair Gene Thornton voting against the loan. Thornton said he doesn’t believe the administration needs 10 hours per week to do the work.

“We are collaborating with other organizations to pull back funding and grants,” commissioner Stacy Carroll said about the EDC. “We take one step forward and get pushed back two.”

In other business the board approved the Sheriff’s Department to purchase a new Ford Taurus from Signature Ford for $19,829 to be used for travel for training so department workers have a vehicle other than fully marked cars to travel for training purposes.

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