Taking Pride group open to more helpers

Up to 40 citizen and business volunteers helped to clean up both the east and west sides of US 23 South from the Courtyard Restaurant to Ferrell Gas in our first annual Clean Up. On May 16 and June 8 literally tons of dirt were removed from driveway approaches, road pan, and the bike path. Scores of trash bags were filled with debris and cigarette butts. Additionally John, Steve, and Bonnie Plowman planted and set out over 40 flower pots between the bike path and roadway.

This is an excellent example of how people coming together and donating their time and energy to clean up a section of our town can make a difference. We hope you agree US 23 south of town looks better.

We are asking that all business and home owners along this section of roadway keep trash picked up from their property and the MDOT right of way now that it has been cleaned. Please water the flowers if you have a flower pot in front of your property. And, please do not litter as you drive through the area.

According to MDOT traffic studies, more people come into Alpena from US 23 South than the other corridors. Since this area is the first impression people get of Alpena as they enter our community let’s continue to improve the look of this area. Our property values, economic vitality, and tourism will improve!

Please contact us if you are not involved and we will find something you like to do. And, if you do not have a volunteer group in your area to accomplish the same objectives we would be happy to assist you!

“Taking Pride in Alpena: South Corridor”

Larry Clark, Gary Parteka