Amnesty carries far-reaching ramifications

I would like our local resident to reflect on the importance of not allowing amnesty for the illegals in our country. For those of our residents who make their living mowing lawns and plowing snow amnesty will eventually impact you as well as the other blue collar workers in Alpena and northern Michigan. My daughter, who lives in Anaheim, Calif., currently pays $60 a month to have her lawn work done. This includes weekly mowing, weeding, trimming of bushes, etc. Think about that. It’s great for a homeowner, but lousy for an American trying to make a living. Add to that that many illegal immigrants are from the Mid-East and want to change our country to suit their needs. They don’t want to assimilate to our values and freedoms. Not a pretty picture. With our labor force employment rate at only 68 percent, there are many Americans looking for work. We don’t need to add more people to our workforce. Our self important elitist politicians on both sides are all working on amnesty to make themselves feel good and find new voters, but what about the voters that put them in office. They don’t seem to care about us. Our elites say these new immigrants will not be covered by Medicare or Medicaid. How long will it take some judge to change that? What happens when the chain migration blossoms? When the Aunt, Uncles, Fathers, Mothers and children of the newly legalized immigrants start coming into our country. Our immigration is a mess and we should first secure our borders and when that is done, decide who and how immigrants should be admitted to our country.

Ray Fencl