Voicing opinions on same-sex marriage

With the Supreme Court’s decisions concerning same-sex marriage likely to be released in the coming days, is no surprise that citizens have vocalized opinions on this issue. I would expect nothing less from the people of Northeast Michigan. In an area that is so active in both politics and religion, a lack of discourse over this divisive topic would be a surprising deviation from the norm.

Habitual readers of this newspaper have already read a mlange of letters that have examined this volatile subject under the lenses of faith, civil rights, and culture. Arguably, all arguments for or against same-sex marriage have already been made. In fact, another letter addressing this topic would simply be insipid.

Despite the variety of convictions, however, few writers have heeded recent social trends regarding marriage equality.

It is apparent that same-sex marriage will one day be a legally-recognized institution in the US. This is simply fact. Prestigious research centers have shown a growing favorability for marriage equality. Ballot measures in several state have transformed this burgeoning acceptance into law. These trends will not end–nor will the debate over marriage equality.

We–as Americans–understand that our First Amendment freedoms are paramount, as such, convictions concerning same-sex marriage should never be silenced.

Countering the freedoms of speech and religion, however, is majority rule, another important staple of democracy that has at times devastated but also liberated societies. Despite the fallibility of majority rule, it’s a necessary price Americans pay for a democratic society. The new majority that now supports same-sex marriage will one day achieve their goals through a constitutional process. It will be this majority that will write the history of marriage equality, and they will most likely remember it by one word: progress.

Stuart Lee Richardson