Petallia doesn’t use available technology

I attended Mr. Petallia’s recent town hall meeting. He mentioned that letters and communications are read in the order that they are received, does this mean his staff does not prioritize communications based on the issues? He also said that he did not view my website. I can understand that. And that he hasn’t had the time to review it, However, I cannot believe that he does not use the available technology to keep up on the issues. It is true that the lawsuit may seem silly to some, but buried underneath the silliness is the fact that the state is wasting all this money fighting something as stupid as a $24 claim. Isn’t cutting wasteful spending a priority of our representatives?

He also stated that because he doesn’t play the lottery, therefore he doesn’t understand it. I can also accept that statement. But, as the lottery is one of the largest producers of revenue for the state, shouldn’t he take the time and effort to learn about how it operates? How it spends the money? How to cut it’s wasteful spending (if there is any)? Maybe it is time for Mr. Pettalia to start an investigation of the state lottery, or as an alternative show up at the hearing on June 18th in Rogers City to question the attorney general on the expense incurred by the state fighting a $24 claim. An action like this may convince the voters that Mr. Pettalia is truly against waste in state government. However, if no action is taken, if no answers regarding state lottery operations are forthcoming, maybe the voters should take a long hard look at our representation.

George Johnson