Knudson hits nail on the head about tactics

I am pleased to see that Mr. Knudson’s thought process (June 8) has finally turned the corner. The Alpena News, however made an error in titling the letter. They made a mistake in the comparison that was being made.

The IRS witch hunt for conservative American citizens is like the Joseph McCarthy search for Communists. “The term McCarthyism… the use of unfair investigatory or accusatory methods in order to suppress opposition,” from The American Heritage Dictionary.

I’m glad Gary can see that the scare-tactics and bullying of people by government agencies, “presumably” done without the knowledge of the current administration, leads to intimidation into compliance, and silences the fight for our beliefs. This truly is a major violation of out Constitutional rights.

P.S. As to your notifying Mr. Issa, I believe he is already aware of this great injustice.

Cindy Markowski