Few missing facts about Red Barrel Project

RE: Friday, June 7 “Glitch in red collection barrels for drug collection fixed.”

I would like to correct some facts about the Red Barrel Project in northeast Michigan. This vital drug collection project did not cost $500 as reported. All 11 barrels installed in law enforcement agencies in seven counties in northeast Michigan were built from donated material, and were assembled, welded and painted by community volunteers or students. Of those 11 barrels, only four may have a minor design flaw that can be corrected. The installation of each barrel has received lots of positive press as most reporters understand the importance of the Red Barrel Project for the communities they live in. What Ms. Lehndorff should have reported is the total amount of drugs that have been collected since the Red Barrels were installed. We can all be the solution to the growing prescription drug program by monitoring, securing and properly disposing our unwanted, unused or expired medications through programs like the Red Barrel Project or the Yellow Jug Old Drugs program. You can learn more about these programs at drugfreenorthernmichigan.com.

Laurie T. Ames

Certified Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist

Alcona, Iosco, Ogemaw and Oscoda counties

Catholic Human Services