There is no middle ground on homosexuality

On Allan Frank’s May 24 opinion

The truth is not in the middle. With the issue of homosexuality there is “no hate speech” but also “no compromise” The Bible “is” the definitive argument for prohibiting same-sex marriage.

Homosexuals may win, just as they did recently when they pressured the Boy Scouts into allowing active homosexuals up to the age of 18 to join the Scouts. When this happened in Canada the Scouts’ membership was slashed. Michigan AFA President, Gary Glenn, has fought this issue and is working on an alternate Scout program in Michigan.

With same-sex marriage, a man and his husband or a woman and her wife will be entitled to dozens of undeserved legal and spousal benefits and special treatment on taxes, Social Security, military, health insurance, pensions, etc. Why should everyone else be legally forced to pay for this?

Same-sex marriage has been called a civil right. They are not discriminated against like the blacks, they haven’t seen a “no homosexual” water fountain, been refused food in restaurants, or had the KKK burn a cross in their front yard. Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, and to suggest that same-sex marriage is a civil right is deception.

With due respect to all who have thoughtfully commented on this issue, it is interesting that in this community of so many churches there has been almost zero other opinions supporting God’s definition of marriage. In this decaying society the very tenants of our faith are on the auctioning block. In Ezekiel, God warns that we are required to speak out and warn those who are not doing God’s will. We are not expected to stand by and be intimidated into silence just to avoid criticisms from a world growing increasingly hostile to the Word of God.

Mike Westfall

Presque Isle