Theatre drama should stay up on the stage

“Quick, Maria! Fetch bandages!” So shouts the Innkeeper to his wife in “The Man of La Mancha” when Don Quixote and Sancho Panza suffer abrasions and bruises at the hands of villains. Life recently imitated art at Thunder Bay Theatre, when the men who played the knight errant and his sidekick were so unnecessarily abused in a May 24 Lifestyles article about a “thorough investigation” of “some situations” and “bringing TBT back to professional level quality.” Without much fuller context, the reported statements of the Interim Managing Director and Interim Artistic Director come across as defamatory in the first instance and insulting in the second.

I left my National Ski Patrol butt pack at the theatre, thinking I would be in “1776,” now cancelled. While I still hope to retrieve it, the bandages and ointments therein might be useful to some of the remaining Board members and new core company. I mean no harm. I only wish to advise and advocate for all of my friends in local theatre. Our audiences deserve decent performances backstage as much as onstage, and around board tables, too.

Bruce Michaud