Editorial: Port collaborative shows how coming together works

Common sense. Vision. Cooperation. Partnership.

All of the above highlight the Port Calcite Collaborative in Presque Isle County. Where in the past we might have seen division, arguments and lines drawn in the sand, today we see entities working together toward a common goal.

Such a spirit of economic collaboration is refreshing, and certainly gives us hope of a bright tomorrow for our region.

Speaking at a grand opening ceremony Thursday, Lydia Murray, Michigan Economic Development Corp. business development manager, said the ceremony was a perfect example of what MEDC is all about – “creating more and better jobs in Michigan.”

What’s better, those jobs exist right here at home, in Northeast Michigan.

Special thanks are extended to Tom Moran, of Moran Iron Works and Ray LeClair, Carmeuse Lime and Stone’s Calcite plant manager, for their willingness to work together on the project. Without Moran’s vision, and LeClair’s support and lobbying efforts, the concept might never have gone beyond the blueprint stages.

Their dedication to seeing it become reality, combined with the willingness of state, county and local officials to work together, made this week’s celebration an event all of us can be proud of.

For too long our region has suffered in the shadow of discouraging economic news and opportunities.

Events like this, however, show us that perspective need not always be the case and in fact, a brighter tomorrow actually can begin today.

Thanks to everyone involved in this effort. Together, we can accomplish great things.