19 graduate from Posen

POSEN – There may not have been as many graduates at Posen High School in 2013 as many other schools, but that is not to say the 19 seniors who received diplomas Friday during commencement exercises aren’t as equipped to the next step in their lives.

Throughout graduation it became clear that what the class lacked in numbers, it more than made up for by the bond the students have with the community and one another.

Valedictorian Warren Beach said he has been ready for graduation since he was a freshman. He said as graduation day grew near however, his thoughts about it changed.

“I have been ready for this and just wanted to be done with it, but although I may be ready to move on from school, it really hit me I might not be ready to move on from my friends,” Beach said. “After this we will all be going in different directions, but we don’t need to be sad about it. We don’t want to think back about this day and think how sad it was. Let’s think back and be happy. It is a good day for all of us. Whether the real world is ready for us to not, we’re coming.”

Co-valedictorian Anne Couture compared school to a sport and her coaches. She said the coaching they have received has helped prepare them for the next step in their lives.

“We have learned how to play, what rules to follow, how far to go before we’re out into the penalty box and we all know the thrill of scoring. You may ask what this gave us. It gave us victory,” Couture said. “Posen, thank you for being our fans. Without you cheering us on and picking us up we would not be where we are today. We have all been selected to the all-star team. We are Posen Viking alumni.”

Salutorian Alexandra Werth talked about the growth she and her classmate experienced during the last few years.

“We started our freshmen year as awkward little teenagers and finish our senior year as confident young adults,” she said. “Now that we are graduating, the world is ours. We’re in charge of our choices and can choose our own path.”

Valedictorian Kari Ataman said now that high school is over a new beginning is upon them. She said the graduates must face it head on, but always remember their time at Posen.

“Look at us. We got to this point and now we must move on and take the next step,” Ataman said. “The next step is unstoppable and we can’t hide from it. Because it is big and scary, you just have to jump into it. We will never forget this though, you’ll never forget the moments and memories. They’ll be in your life forever.

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