Reisner farm receives Centennial Farm designation

The Historical Society of Michigan recently certified the Reisner farm in Rogers City as a Centennial Farm.

The land was originally purchased by Joseph Reisner in 1873 and passed down to his son Stanislaw (1903), Mary Reisner Talaske (1915), Anthony Resiner (1947) and now owned by Anthony’s sons.

Over the years the farm produced hay, potatoes, grain and dairy products. There are several pieces of old machinery and antiques at the farm.

In addition, a natural mineral spring is located on the property and is still used today for drinking water. The farm consists of approximately 94 acres.

The original home was built in the 1870’s and is still lived in to this day. Electricity finally reached the farm in 1949. The house was renovated in the 1950’s to include adding a basement and indoor plumbing.

Other buildings include the granary, hay barn and shed which was built in the late 1800’s utilizing timber framing construction.

The ceiling tracks for moving lose hay still exist in the hay and cow barns. The machine shed is at least 120 years old.

Anthony and Ruth Reisner’s seven sons, William, Lawrence, John, Paul, Edward, Stephen and Anthony are the current owners.