Fracking using extraordinary amout of water

With many of us concerned about the drop in our lake levels, I decided to check on the amount of rain we have been receiving at our local airport as recorded by National Weather Service. From May 2012-April 2013, our rainfall was 3.54 inches above normal. If we exclude our rainy April, we still had a surplus of rain from April 2012-March 2013 of 0.23 inches of rain. During years from 2007-2012, I found we had total surplus of 14.63 inches of rain.

In the March 25, 2013, edition of the Alpena News, an article on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) said that the number of fracking wells a company wanted to drill, 13, in Kalkaska County “would need 300 million gallons of ground water.” With this figure too difficult for me to visualize, I wondered how many Olympic size swimming pools would that be for one fracking well. It turned out to be just under 35 standard size Olympic swimming pools Each Olympic swimming pools contains 660,000 gallons of water. I believe there are 1,200 fracking wells in Michigan. If all the fracking wells use the same amount of water, that would be 42.000 Olympic swimming pools of our ground water has been pumped under ground.

Robert Kendziorski