Editorial: More good news about airport

The good news continues to roll in for Alpena County Regional Airport, this time the terminal is growing because of the increased number of passengers. A construction project to increase the size of the customer holding area is about to begin at the airport.

The current capacity for the holding area is 12 passengers, but the number of passengers has continued to increase since SkyWest became the air carrier at the airport.

“It is going to be much larger and will be at the opposite end of the lobby. It should hold about 40 passengers, which is much more than what we hold now,” McRoberts told The News in a story Friday. “It is still not the perfect fix but it will be good enough to help the airline and the Transportation Security Authority with their security procedures.”

The first four months this year has since a 65 percent increase in passengers over the first four months of 2012. The magic number of enplanements for the airport to receive a $1 million subsidy from the Federal Aviavion Administration is 10,000 for the year, and through April the number of enplanements was already 5,267 with eight months left in the year.

As riders continue to choose to fly locally, the number of enplanements should continue to grow. By choosing to fly local first, SkyWest more than likely will continue to be the air carrier. And with a stable air carrier in place, and continued improvement at the airport, those who choose to fly to their destinations have a quality airport to meet those needs.