What a difference a year makes

Last year in the spring we experienced an unusually warm spell early in the season that brought out the buds on just about everything. Teased by the great weather, Mother Nature suddenly remembered what the date actually was and sent cold weather and frost back. The results were devastating to the state’s agricultural industry, particulary its apple and cherry farms.

This year has been just the opposite. Local residents wonder if warm weather ever will appear for longer than three days in a row. Instead of short sleeves, we’re still wrapped in parkas. Little League games see fans huddled together with blankets, gloves and scarves.

While we await a sustained warm spell, the weather has been beneficial to area fruit orchards. According to a story in this week’s newspaper, both area farmers and Nikki Rothwell, a district horticulturist with Michigan State University Extension, said this could very well be a terrific year for fruit.

Rothwell warned it still is a bit early to tell for sure, but from what she’s observed so far there has been a good bloom in the fields across Michigan that could result in a “nice crop” come harvest time.

We hope so.

Michigan apples and cherries are the best that can be found.

Oh, what a sweet success it would be to have a bumper crop of both this year.