Immoral vs. illegal in the same-sex debate

Sometimes the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Breaking my own rule, I’ll weigh in on a religious issue in hopes of diffusing recent contentious name-calling by various citizens regarding the same-sex marriage issue.

It is unfair to deem The Alpena News biased because it prints extreme letters on same-sex marriage and/or homosexuality. To not print such would be censorship, which one may argue we already see too much of in the media.

Conversely, suggesting same-sex marriage should be prohibited by the federal government for religious reasons is not a viable argument. The Bill of Rights protects us from federal endorsement of religion. Some people are under the false impression that homosexual acts are illegal – they are not. Adult sexual acts outside of marriage, regardless of the genders involved, are not illegal.

Let’s have the emotional maturity to recognize the difference between immoral and illegal. If a behavior is not illegal, then the federal government cannot discriminate.

Now I will step out on a limb. The same-sex marriage court case (which will win due to the reasons cited above) is about greed. Homosexual couples want to be just as greedy as heterosexual couples when it comes to federal benefits. The question I have is: why should the federal government recognize any marriage? Why should the federal government give a married person the right to give their inheritance tax-free to someone they love and not allow the same to a single person? Traditional marriage friends could propose abolishing federal recognition of any marriage and win by leaving it to States – but they understand heterosexuals are just as greedy as homosexuals. Greed is not illegal. But it is immoral. So where does that put those who want to keep their greed but deny someone else’s?

Allan Frank