Suing state lottery over Jack Pack promotion

I sued the state lottery in small claims court because in my opinion they did not live up to their “Jack Pack” promotion. All I wanted was a $24 coupon, that I felt they owed me. The state has requested that it be moved to civil court. I did not have a word to say in that, but the judge agreed and I will follow the court’s orders. The state now wants to move it to Claims Court. A hearing on June 11 in Presque District court will make that determination. I feel that since the state made the request to go to civil court, the state should honor their own request. I would like every available person to show up at the hearing. I have no lawyer, I am retired on a fixed income, but the state has spent your tax money on producing a 43 page legal document to prevent paying out a $24 claim. I want to demonstrate that we taxpayers will no longer put up with this foolish waste. Please write your state officials to show that we refuse to put up with this blatant waste of taxpayer dollars. Please, if at all possible show up at the hearing on June 11 1:30 p.m. at Presque County Court. The larger the crowd, the larger the message. Let’s force the state to live up to their own requests and have the civil trial in Rogers City as they requested.

I was so outraged at the state’s response I paid for a website to publicize the details. I ask for no money, no donations and I have no lawyer but show of support by writing a letter or making an appearance. The website is

George Johnson