Mayor, commissioners serve Onaway well

I am writing this letter in support of Chuck Abshagen, Jessie Horrocks, and Gary Wregglesworth. They have served the City of Onaway in admirable fashion for many years. Those three individuals have done their best to make this city a better place to live. They have been willing to take the time that was needed when no one else would step forward to run for this public office position.

Those three people have been willing to make the sacrifice that was needed to help keep this city financially afloat. For years, they knew that we could not sustain the same services unless we had a major change to our revenue sources. Since 2008, our revenues have dropped by over $80,000 and finally the decision had to be made to stop our general fund from bleeding to death.

Chuck, Jessie, and Gary had the courage to take on the issue before this city fell into deep financial trouble. They have served with distinction for many years. Now we have a handful of disgruntled people who are trying to recall some of the finest individuals who have served the city of Onaway.

I hope that the good citizens of Onaway will realize that this personal vendetta by those few people is not in the best interests of this great city. I encourage all of the good people to step forward and show your support for these three elected officials. You can do this by voicing your support at the city commission meetings or by refusing to sign the recall petitions that are being circulated. It’s time for the good people to stand up for what they believe in.

Can our three officials count on you? Are you willing to do what is right for the City of Onaway?

Bernie Schmeltzer

Onaway City Commissioner